Why Arrow Should Be Loved Absolutely: “State v. Queen”

Laughter is one of the most important keys to enjoyment. If we love something, truly and absolutely, more than likely there is humor involved. Admittedly, I laugh at moments in Arrow when I’m likely not intended to. But, does that really matter? No. Those are the moments that I keep coming back for and the moments why Arrow should be loved absolutely.

State v. QueenI’m not sure if other viewers are having the same love affair with the show as I am. Whether it’s Oliver Queen getting tossed out of a cave and leaping as if he’s been thrown by the Hulk or an old nemesis returning at episode’s end, striking two black arrows into the chest of a lowly driver, it just gets to me. And if I’m laughing out loud at the television, either I’m nuts or having a great time.

I think I’ll choose the latter.

“State v. Queen” is what the title states – Moira Queen’s defense against a lifetime in prison. Standing by her side are Oliver and Thea, but on the prosecution’s side is Laurel. While not as dramatic as we’d like, since Oliver and her have called off their love affair for now, the trial unfolds a terrific twist. Moira and last year’s nemesis Malcolm Merlin had an affair years ago. This compromises Moira’s defense but also reconnects the best parts of last season.

As if Oliver’s mother fighting for her life in a courtroom wasn’t enough, the Count has resurfaced in Starling City, reissuing a new brand of his drug Vertigo. In an all too obvious Batman rip-off, the Count captures the Assistant District Attorney and cuts a video feed into all media outlets, showing what the antidote can cure. Now the Count already has aspects of the Joker in his crazy demeanor, but the hand held camera scene is a clear rip-off of Heath Ledger’s interrogation of a Batman look-a-like in The Dark Knight. Is it that big of a deal? No. But when you have comic book junkies watching a show based on a comic book series, you might want to make things a little less obvious.

arrow-state-v-queenDespite this, “State v. Queen” delivered another truly entertaining and laugh-out-loud episode. Arrow takes itself seriously enough that it isn’t a farce. It consistently walks that fine line between being something laughable and something to laugh with. Thankfully, with me at least, it’s always been the latter proving time and again why Arrow should be loved absolutely.

As I’ve been watching this season, I can’t help but notice one stark change. It’s the women. Just one season ago, the dress of Laurel, Felicity and Thea was modest. An elegant dress, a cardigan, overalls; nothing over the top. Now, we are given a consistent dose of super short skirts and hooker heels. This isn’t a complaint. Rather, it is an interesting look into a not so subtle change. Short skirts and extreme heels are trendy yes, but the alteration seems out of place. It’s as if the creators know one segment of their viewers inside and out – the nerdy 30-something male type, buried in comic books and algorithms.

Hmm. I can’t relate to that demographic at all.

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