Supernatural, “Holy Terror”

Well, I don’t know what I was expecting. It definitely was not the epic angel war, surprise-filled, heartbreaking midseason finale that just happened. “Holy Terror” is another example of why Supernatural is still one of the best shows on television despite running past its original five season arc. I somehow care even more deeply about the characters, the show’s providing laughs as well as tears, and the twists are keeping me on the edge of my seat.

“Holy Terror” is where Dean finally begins to understand what he’s done to Sam by letting Ezekiel inside. Unfortunately, this comes just prior to Castiel leaking some unpleasant information about Ezekiel’s true nature. It ain’t looking so good for the home team.

The angels are in an all out territory war with Malachi and Bartholomew butting heads. Since their only sphere to inhabit is Earth (Heaven’s locked up thanks to Metatron), the leftover angels are picking sides or being pressed into service. Since Castiel has no grace, he’s not in as much danger until he teams up with the Winchesters and Ezekiel tells Dean that Cas needs to go.

I’ve wondered all along about Ezekiel. Who is he? Why is he hiding from the other angels? Why doesn’t he want Castiel around? If he was in such a hurry to leave the other angels, doesn’t that mean he’s on the Winchesters’ team?

Metatron appears partway through the episode and Ezekiel’s real purpose in hiding is revealed. It’s a really clever twist, one I did not see coming. Maybe not so much a twist as a, “this is perhaps a deeper, darker twist than previously believed.” Unfortunately, this means Ezekiel and Metatron are now in cahoots, and Ezekiel receives an assignment: the first name on a list of people Metatron wants out of his way.

If I wasn’t so tickled by adorable, grace-less Cas I might have sniffed a rat. I should have known the midseason finale would end in tears.

I didn’t think about this until “Holy Terror,” but a lot of angels died during the Fall (the one at the end of last season). The ones that didn’t needed vessels. Then the turf war started, and not only are angels killing other angels, they’re killing the human vessels. So in reality, the human-angel vessel situations are ending in double murders. The body count is climbing pretty high.

Other casualties include loss of innocence, trust, and morals. Cas does what he has to do to get his grace back, and it’s pretty bad. Cas is not the angel he was a few years ago. It’s rather unsettling, to be perfectly honest. He’s protecting himself and his friends the only way he knows how, but I think he also knows he’s going to need a lot of forgiveness (from himself most of all) to get through the pain of having to do what you need to in order to survive.

And now Sam knows what Dean did to save his life. Sam might think he’s tired of fighting and that death might be a vacation, but both boys have seen enough of Heaven and Hell to know better. I know it will take some time for the boys to make peace with each other and rebuild some trust, but I hope it happens before someone else they love dies.

I’m really not sure what the Winchesters and Castiel will be able to do against Metatron, Malachi, Bartholomew, and their angel thugs. With Metatron trying to leverage himself into God’s position, Malachi and Bartholomew duking it out on the ground, and Ezekiel taking over Sam’s body, there doesn’t seem to be much the boys can do apart from visiting the sites of the angel murders and try to put the pieces together.

According to the sneak peek of the next episode (which doesn’t air until January 14 and seems like cruel and unusual punishment after “Holy Terror”), Dean’s going to need to make a deal with someone who has more power. Someone that’s been in the wings since the beginning of the season. Someone like…Crowley.

So here’s what January 14 looks like: Dean, Castiel, and Crowley gang up in order to get Sam back. Chaos ensues.

I can’t wait.


K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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