Guilt Pile 020 – DOTA’s Battlefield

The Guilt Pile Podcast is a regular discussion formed around our seemingly endless backlog of video games that expands with each new release. We know we aren’t the only ones who have many games piled up, begging to be played. We hope to stimulate some desire in tackling this (nearly) impossible task while we talk about games and industry topics both new and old.

This week Steve and Artimus are joined again by Nick “Face-For-Radio” Hahneman to discuss some of the games we’ve been playing over the last week or so. Art spent most of his holiday plugging away in Battlefield 4, while Nick tried to master DOTA 2 and its community. Steve found some unexpected free time and dabbled with MouseCraft and Dishonored.

Music Track: Battlefield 4 Theme

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Artimus Charest-Fulks

Artimus Charest-Fulks

I am a technophile and amateur space archaeologist who has been playing games for longer than I can remember. My fuel is an unwavering passion for the escape and immersion only video games offer. I avoid subscribing to any one specific genre and instead look for enjoyment in all that games have to offer. Whether it's nostalgia in Halo, competitive rivalry in Mario Kart, winning strategies in Civilization, living a fantasy in Mass Effect, or anywhere in-between; if there is fun to be had I will surely find it. Go Leafs!
Artimus Charest-Fulks

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