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With the recent debut of the PS4 and the Xbox One, all three of the major video game console manufacturers have now officially entered the 8th generation of consoles. We here at CultureMass thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to take a look back on the 7th generation of consoles and celebrate our ten most favorite games.

We spent hours debating our favorite titles across all three of the major platforms and which franchise entries best represented the high water marks of their respective series. To reiterate, we only focused on console games, and this list would be very different if we had included all platforms. We avoided considering multiple entries in the same franchise, although we doubt the list would look much different if we had. We simply sought to celebrate ten games that we found to be our favorite console games of the last eight years. We hope you enjoy the list as much as we enjoyed both the games that made the cut, and the debates that lead up to its formation.

Without further ado, we present CultureMass’ Games of the Generation.

Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

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  • If I had a couple reasons to get a console, it would be for “The Last of Us” and the “Halo” series. However, I’ve had the privilege of falling in love with the Fallout series on PC, and I definitely give a nod to your inclusion of it in the list. Great stuff!

    • Thanks for not yelling at us for not putting Skyrim on the list Nate 😉

      • *sigh* It is disappointing, but I understand. 🙂

        • Drew Freeman

          I don’t. I agree Oblivion was an important moment in the generation, but I think Skyrim had a bigger impact. It’s world set a new bar, the term “Skyrim style game” has become this generation’s version of “GTA style game”, and it sold numbers than shocked both the dev and the wider gaming community.

          Personally, I’d switch out Fallout 3 for Skyrim. 😉

          • I’d agree that Skyrim’s impact is huge, arguably bigger than Fallout 3’s. However, I can see the point that Fallout 3 was really where it all began for Bethesda (at least in gaming’s modern age). Fallout 3 was such a huge turn in FPS RPGs, and Bethesda/Skyrim were able to build on the successes/failures of Fallout 3 in creating Skyrim.

            I fell in love with the Fallout series at Fallout 3 and that continued with NV, and I would say that Fallout 3 became my favorite game until Rage came out. But then Skyrim enormously shattered both of the previous records, and continues to be my favorite. I think I’m ~125 hours in now with at least 100-200 to go!

          • What I enjoy about FO3 is its relative focus and better environmental storytelling compared to TES series. They’re all fantastic games and deserve to be in the discussion.