More Killer Crossovers Come To Arrow: “The Scientist”

Arrow Season 2 has been a delightful surprise. Coming off the heels of a Thunder Clap of a first season where major story-lines were cleaned up, my expectations for a follow up season were full of trepidation. Thankfully, that has been averted, largely due to my geeking-out on this season’s killer crossovers. The DC universe if full of interesting and powerful heroes and villains, some big names and some lesser known, and it is so much fun to watch worlds collide. In film, this joy will come to fruition with the sequel to Man of Steel. On television, we have seen this before with Smallville, where even Green Arrow had some screen time, but not the Oliver Queen we know.

arrow-the-scientist-episodeThis time, a young man has come to Starling City clouded in mystery and as a potential love interest for a certain female character. His name is Barry Allen and although not yet revealed, he’s The Flash. A nerdy member of the Crime Investigation Unit in Central City, the scientist is in Arrow’s back yard investigating a break in at Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences building. The culprit: a man of super strength, reminding me more of someone like Bane. This super powered man floods Oliver with images from his past, where he learned first hand what this super serum can do to a man.

There is obvious interest and chemistry between Felicity and Barry. While this is good for Felicity’s maturation as a character, I would miss it should the writers steer away from her clear ogling of Oliver. Oliver and Felicity gave the story-line much levity; her quirkiness and his stoic demeanor is quality material that could have been tapped for years. Alas, with Barry in town, and their attraction, this could spell the end to one of my favorite parts of Arrow.

It is true about all good things and their eventual end.

Another name dropped in “The Scientist” was Ra’s al Ghul. This is the second time he and his League of Assassins have been mentioned, but this time it’s in a counter move to push back threats by Malcolm Merlin on Mama Queen. It seems preposterous, now that Ra’s al Ghul has been talked about a second time that he would not make an appearance in Season 2. You can’t dangle a carrot of that size and not deliver.

The killer crossover potential is much too great for my imagination.

The ScientistI had not anticipated such story-lines, such bold moves by the creative team behind Arrow. But in the wake of The Avengers colossal success, it makes perfect sense. The Avengers has shown that not only can a story about multiple superheroes work well, but it can be a financial windfall. In a recent article in Entertainment Weekly, “The Scientist” spiked Arrow’s ratings. As well, CW is issuing a pilot episode for The Flash in the future. Only time will tell how the killer crossovers work with this season of Arrow and CW, but so far so good.

With anticipation this high and crossover story-lines from the DC universe converging, only time will tell if Arrow will avert a sophomore jinx in Season 2.

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