A Merry Techie Christmas!

Can you hear them?

Desktops beeping at startup

Phones chirping with calls

Tablets whirring with noise, as gaming commences

The sounds of tech on Christmas morn!

Can you see them?

The gleam of the smartwatch

The glisten of new phones

The twinkle of fresh laptops, passwords entered for the first time

The sights of tech on Christmas morn!

Can you feel them?

The smooth, shiny top of an Xbox

The solid, unyielding back of a Kindle

The rubbery, bending strap of a Gear, worn for the first time

The touch of tech on Christmas morn!

Can you imagine it?

Can you think of it?

Can you begin to realize the potential?

As we grapple with owning and using tech for the first time on Christmas morn?

May we treat

Others as better

Others as more sacred

Others as more infinitely precious than things

As we celebrate this Christmas morn!


From all of us at CultureMass to all of you, may you have a wonderful Christmas!

Nate Humphries

Nate Humphries

My two personal passions in life are technology and theology. If you sneaked a peek at my life you'd see me hanging out with my wife, our Dachshund Bella, and our snake Phoenix; playing Skyrim/Civ:BE/F3/FNV/BL/Rage/GW2/SRIV; watching movies; reading on my Kindle (sci-fi or theology research); or playing on my Moto 360/Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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