The Grue Crew Episode 4: The Legend of Franchise

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Grue Crew!

The Grue Crew is a games-focused podcast hosted by that focuses on video games in a broader cultural context. We’ll strive to discuss not only what makes games fun, but what makes the tick and why we find them so fascinating.

Franchises are a funny thing in video games. Often the subject of much derision with game players crying out against ‘sequelitis’, there are reasons why so many video game series persist. In this episode of The Grue Crew Jon, Nick, and Cameron discuss franchises in games at large, and then discuss three of our favorites: Mass Effect, BioShock, and The Legend of Zelda. What works about them, what doesn’t?


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Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

Nick Hahneman

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