A Beginner’s Build: Crucial M500 SSD 240 GB is a Phenomenal Piece of Hardware

Before I installed Crucial’s M500 SSD, my PC was running on an old HDD that chugged and scraped along at speeds equaling those of the dial-up days of yore. It was so slow, in fact, that other people’s totally normal computers felt lightning-speed by comparison.

Welcome to A Beginner’s Build, a new series chronicling my crazy idea of building a gaming/video editing PC with zero knowledge or experience on how to do it. The basic gist is that I am buying each part, piece by piece, as I can afford them, and then assembling, over time, a rig that will play PC games and perform video editing without stuttering and stopping like my current desktop.

Crucial has stepped up and given us an outstanding piece of hardware with a brand-spankin’ new SSD, which, after doing some research, I realized is one of the best things you could ever get your computer for Christmas. Seriously, my computer is the most well-behaved it has ever been since I installed this fantastic tech.

Crucial sent me this SSD at a time where I didn’t even know what an SSD was. You see, I’m building a gaming/video editing PC from the ground up. That process takes a while, so I’ve decided to just gut and replace the parts in my existing computer (an old Dell) Frankenstein’s monster-style until the build is finished. Replacing my ancient HDD with the M500 is like getting an entirely new engine for your 2005 Kia Spectra. The whole experience changes.

Installation, at first, looked like a task I could never do myself. I’m very new to building PCs, so my nerves get tested when I have to open up the guts and tinker with what’s inside. Fortunately, there are videos online to help guide me through this experience.

I needed to include brackets (which I got from a friend) to make the SSD stay put, and then all it took was connecting the appropriate cables. I assumed I’d  have to solder or drill something to make my computer have a new brain, but it turns out I only had to plug in a few wires. Once that was done, I had to make sure I didn’t misstep in the installation process on the software side, but that ended up being a breeze. Following that video I previously linked got me where I needed to be in no time.

The M500 is fast. I mean really fast. The first time I booted up with this thing installed, my computer started so fast that it was like waking it up from standby mode. I couldn’t believe it.

[pullquote]The M500 is fast. I mean really fast.[/pullquote]

You know those commercials where the computers race each other to turn on fastest? Mine was the faster one. For the first time ever.

The startup speed is just the beginning with the M500. Opening applications (and keeping them open with others) feels streamlined and easy without all the sputtering of an HDD that has loud, buzzing moving parts to it.

When I went into Steam and booted up Civilization 5, I was greeted with the game I was meant to play. A clean, crisp graphical experience with zero slowdown.

My computer has been transformed completely for the better by this piece of hardware.

As my second piece of the puzzle (the first being two sticks of 8GB RAM, also from Crucial), the M500 has brought my PC even closer to being the gaming/video editing kit I’ve been dreaming of.

The build is only just beginning, of course, but I’m already seeing huge changes in the performance of my desktop. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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