Stephen Tobolowsky Talks Kickstarter, Turtles, and Finding the Truth

You may know Stephen Tobolowsky as Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day or as Sammy in Memento. You may know him from Mississippi Burning or Deadwood or Glee or Community or The Mindy Project or any number of projects the character actor has appeared in. 
But you should know him for The Tobolowsky Files, his storytelling podcast that is soon to be turned into a sort-of concert film. That is, if you help. 
The film is being funded by fans via kickstarter, and it is sure to be amazing. 
I got to sit down with Mr. Tobolowsky to discuss the film, among other things (turtles, Aristotle, finding the truth in every moment, to name a few). It’s a good talk. You’ll learn something. 
You can download the interview here.

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