Four in February

Joystiq‘s Mike Suszek is father to an annual gaming challenge taking place in the second month of the year. The challenge, “Four In February” is simple: finish four games this month.

The rules are simple:

The rules:
  1. There are no rules.
  2. Seriously, there are no rules. You can pick new games, old games or even titles that you stopped playing that one time during finals week in college because your academic life depended on it (it’s cool, we’ve all been there). The only requirement is that you pick four games.
  3. Start at the beginning of a game, or start where your old save file left off, it doesn’t matter! We can’t drive over to your house to force you to start a game over; we don’t know where you live, after all.

That’s it. Simple, eh? My friends over at Guilt Pile and I have done the challenge every year and it’s been a blast to play games and talk about them with others who are playing for the same goal. If you want to get involved, there is a Facebook group, follow my progress on Twitter, or just get your friends to join and game with you.

My four for 2015 are as follows:

Destiny (Xbox One)

I picked up Destiny on the Xbox One a few months ago and it has been fantastic. The narrative isn’t as compelling as Metal Gear Solid 4, but the gameplay is so good that it doesn’t matter. The game is a joy to play every time I fire it up. Currently my Titan is level 11, and I’m in the second area for missions. My goal is to complete the story this month.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall (PC)

After finishing Shadowrun Returns I jumped into Dragonfall almost immediately. Dragonfall is better than Returns in many ways, but most notably in gameplay and presentation. With the current success of developer Hairbrained Schemes’ kickstarter for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, finishing Dragonfall in preparation for the new content is a must.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (PC) 

Gat Out of Hell released this month and it is exactly what you would expect. It is more of the same wacky, insane, and pure fun that we have grown to expect out of the Saints Row franchise. Only this time, we’re in Hell. The story isn’t terribly long, so my goal is to finish the game with both playable characters (Gat and Kinzie) but my requirement for this month is to only finish my already started Gat run.

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

I was a massive fan of Guild Wars while in college. It was the only MMO I ever got into, and still one of my favorite online games ever. I never bought into Guild Wars 2 dispite my belief it was nothing short of awesome, and when I was gifted it recently I found that it is everything I ever wanted out of an MMO. It improves on everything from Guild Wars in every conceivable way and is a blast to play with friends. My lvl 21 Norn Guardian is currently in Act 2 and I aim to finish his storyline this month. Reaching level 80, and completing any additional storylines is a bonus.

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