Four in February: Week 1 Process Recap

[Updates from Art]

We’re entering the second week of our Four in February challenge, and I am off to a pretty solid start. I managed to complete one, and make great strides in another before quitting in a fit of rage.
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

I finished Gat Out of Hell after just a couple days of playing and every minute was awesome. The game executes on much of what it sets out to do, and delivers more of the Saints Row fun we have grown to expect. That being said, it is a surprisingly short game given the lengthy storyline of its parent (Saints Row IV). The game consists mostly of side quests and loyalty missions, however there is a wide enough variety of things to do that few events are duplicated. This length is also less impactful when you take into account there are two characters to play as, and more than one way to play the game. Flying around in Hell trying to save your friend while saving souls with the end goal of shooting Satan in the face is anything but boring, and should be experienced by anyone who is a fan of the series or genre.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

I started playing Dragonfall immediately after finishing Gat Out of Hell and it marvelous, at least at first. I am a huge fan of both turn based games, and RPGs. Shadowrun: Dragonfall’s blend of these two things is its biggest success, but also its biggest downfall. Anyone who has played games for a long time has at one point encountered a game breaking problem that completely removed you from the experience. Sometimes it is possible to move past it, and sometimes you just have to rage quit. Unfortunately, I ran into one this past week in Dragonfall that caused me to be completely taken out of the game to the point where I could not play any more. I don’t want to spoil anything in the story, but let’s just say there was a class-specific item that I acquired in a mission. I was forced to give this item to my teammate skilled in this class, despite my character not only being the same class but more proficient. It is times like this where it becomes painfully apparent that games made with different class options are only really intended to be played as the generic soldier class. The other 99.9% of the game (so far) is outstanding and one of the greatest games I have ever played, which is why this incident hits harder than it would otherwise. I am still excited to play more, but I think I will be taking a hiatus to let this sting wear off first.

Guild Wars 2

I fired up Guild Wars 2 after the rage quit incident in Dragonfall, and its open world is spectacularly therapeutic. I didn’t seek out any of the story missions in the few hours I spent running around, but did manage to help some locals. There was a band of hunters being threatened by some ice monsters which were subsequently melted. I also ran into a humble trader who needed an escort for his caravan as he traveled through a dangerous desert pass. After helping out these fine people I decided to head north a bit and explore some unknown areas. To my surprise I came across a densely inhabited lake environment! This was awesome to find because never before had I come across something like this in a game. There was an underwater village that was under attack by vicious frenzied giant jellyfish. I swapped my great sword for a long spear and went to town on those jellies saving as many as I could. After helping these underwater villagers I ventured to a nearby town to resupply and access my guild records to prepare for my next outing.


I did not get to play any Destiny in week one, but with the completion of Saints Row and “issues” with Dragonfall this week looks promising.

[Updates from Daniel]

Last week probably wasn’t the best time for me to start updating my progress in some my games as I’m preparing to move to a new home, and my playing time is rather scarce. But still I managed to make some progress playing really late at night while tiring my eyes a bit in order to get myself to sleep (two times I’ve woken up and realizing that my console and TV were still on the next morning.)

So anyway, here’s my progress:

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is everything I’ve played this week (well, and a little World of Tanks to vent some steam between responsibilities, you know the usual). Just as I started I bumped myself with a seemingly impassable wall, made of iron, in a form of a Golem… yes, it was the Iron Golem at the top of Sen’s Fortress, for all of you fellow sun praisers.

I got stuck trying to beat that one a long while, I really thought I was doing something wrong and backtracked a bit in order to see if I was missing something (and I ended wandering into Demon Ruins thinking I’d be able to defeat the Ceaseless Discharge… how fool of me.)

So, I went back at the top of Sen’s Fortress, tried to beat the Iron Golem a few more times, and then I realized I was doing something really wrong at trying to fight it face to face, so the next time I fought it like I was fighting Ganon in Ocarina of Time (you know, roll under his legs and hit it on the back) and it worked! On the first try!

So, now I’m in Anor Londo, finding new setbacks to keep me stuck over and over. Once I passed the gigantic knights, those damn archers that didn’t let me go through that really small gap of a building, and the utter mistakes that got me killed while fighting the (not really that difficult) Silver Knights, I found a new nag to keep me entertained…

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough are my new impassable wall. The more I try to focus on one of them, the more the other one keeps bugging the hell out of me! But that was last night, I was tired, frustrated, and getting angrier after each failed attempt.

I’ll try to get them tonight, probably I’ll be swearing under my breath, probably I’ll get angry, and I’ll be cursing anyone involved on making this game so difficult… you know, that’s the way I chose to have fun on this life.

Tune in next Monday for Week 2’s progress recap.

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