Holy Internalized Misogyny, Batman! Amber Rose, Khloe Kardashian and how everyone missed the point entirely

By now if you have a pulse and an internet connection, you’ve heard about the Amber Rose/ Khloe Kardashian twitter meltdown.

And, before you say anything, it’s not a feud. It’s a lot of things: Racist, Classist, Sexist- but it’s not a feud.


I won’t go into the details because it’s already trending on Twitter, got it’s own sidebar news story on Facebook and every major tabloid and gossip mag has picked up the story. But they are all missing one crucial fact: It’s not about Amber or Khloe. It’s about Tyga. It’s about the fact that Child Protective Services can be called on Will and Jada Smith over Willow’s friendship with an adult man but no one bats an eye about Kylie Jenner being linked romantically to an adult man with a child. It’s about how Amber Rose can call out a man for sexually exploiting a teenager only to have her own past of abuse and exploitation thrown in her face as though she chose to be a stripper at fifteen.

Tyga (25)

Tyga (25)

Kylie Jenner (17)

Kylie Jenner (17)

If you must know, the facts are these: Tyga, an adult rapper and father, has been accused of pursuing a relationship with Kylie Jenner, a sixteen-year-old model and child. Amber Rose, a model and former sex-worker who has been open about her past of exploitation and abuse, called out the rapper for chasing a teenager. In retaliation over a perceived jab at her baby sister, Khloe Kardashian fell into a common trap of slut-shaming instead of seeing her message as what it was: a warning.


“Tyga should know better than to pursue a relationship with a sixteen-year-old”

With the exception of Tyga, who is an adult man who absolutely should know better than to pursue a relationship with a sixteen-year-old, no one here is entirely at fault. Khloe Kardashian is simply regurgitating the misogynistic narrative we are all fed over and over in mass media that turns women against each other and cast them as competition for the attention and favor of men. Amber Rose is the victim of the commodification and dehumanization of non-white bodies in American culture- meaning her story is often used against her to discredit or deride her as a “whore” whose opinion has no place or grounding in the situation. Kylie Jenner, despite her massive wealth and easily recognizable family, likely has little autonomy in her day-to-day life. Her career has been nurtured almost since birth and it is difficult to see what is a “normal” situation for a child to be in when one hasn’t had a “normal” childhood- even harder, too, to consent. Whether she was stripping as a teenager or presented as a sexually mature woman in the name of high fashion, it is the same narrative with the same moral: A woman’s maturity lies in her mind and age, not in her appearance. Tyga has no excuse.

So when you see page after page of clickbait focusing on the “feud” between Khloe and Amber or how Amber “attacked” Kylie, remember the truth of the story.

An adult man is trying to have an intimate relationship with an underage girl and we are busy demonizing the woman who brought it to light.

Image Credits: @darealamberrose
Devon Henry

Devon Henry

Devon Henry is a writer, amateur Viking, Comedic Perfomer and T-Rex impersonator from Southern California. She likes to write stories about love and monsters and Los Angeles. Her family is very proud of her though, admittedly, they probably wish she'd stuck to learning piano or had maybe been a little better at math.

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  • Anna

    Well put.

  • Lol. Wow! I’ve never read an article that gave such power to men and stripped away the autonomy of a woman! I guess you don’t believe that a woman can hate another just because she’s jealous or hateful or mean. You said, “Khloe Kardashian is simply regurgitating the misogynistic narrative we are all fed over and over in mass media that turns women against each other,” Hmmm, I wonder how big of a role women play in producing, starring and distributing such mass media? I guess a woman can’t just make bad choices on her own, it’s fault of the “man.” I guess a sixteen year old is incapable of choosing to date an adult man though she knows it’s illegal and only he will pay the consequences if prosecuted (of course I believe an adult should not be dating a teenager, but it happens in reverse quite a bit and I believe at 16-17, both parties know what’s going on, neither is that naive). I’m all for equal treatment/pay/opportunity for women but jeez, I also believe women taking responsibility for their own decisions equally, like for example, insulting another one on twitter with no to blame but herself.