Daniel and Art Share Their Week 3, Four in February Updates

Artimus’ Update

Week three, the pwnage continues.

Guild Wars 2

I finished my character’s story this week and the Slayer of Issormir’s saga ended with just over 28 hours played and 15 deaths. My journey culminated with a battle to save my people from an overwhelming force wielding an experimental weapon bent on our destruction.

The dredge began their assault by invading one of my bases to steal a book on architecture. We were able to destroy their attacking forces, however were not successful in preventing the theft. They made it out just in the nick of time. As one might expect, we were a little confused as to the reasoning behind this random and seemingly irrelevant mission. What use could they possibly have for a book on architecture? Well, as it turns out that book led to something spectacularly diabolical.

The weapon they had in their possession, when fired, caused the structure of a building to crumble. When we learned this it became apparent just why they wanted a book on architecture, because within this book were the structural plans to our most important buildings. If that weren’t bad enough, the weapon had a devastating side effect: summoning ice dragons. That’s right. If the crumbling building and invasion force weren’t bad enough, when the weapon is fired it summons legions of ice dragons. Fortunately I, along with the help of my new order the Vigil, were able to dispel the enemy forces and prevent the destruction of our fellow Norn. The remainder of the story is more generalized and getting more into the overarching conflict, so I didn’t include it in my 4iF. However I will say that the game is spectacular.

One of my friends has clocked in about 10 times as many hours as I have, and for several months he would constantly berate me to purchase the game to play with him. Now that I’ve played through the first part of a character’s journey I can see what he was talking about. Guild Wars 2 does so many things right, and very, very few things wrong. The game is just the right amount of challenging and fun where you feel like a powerful hero, but not to the point of gross overkill. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who enjoys MMOs or RPGs.

This is one of those games that will make fans of a genre. If you have never played an MMO before, go buy Guild Wars 2 and give it a shot. You just might become a fan for life.

Daniel’s Update

So, I’m finally set in my new home. I still have not Internet access, so not only I haven’t being able to play World of Tanks as I’m used to, but also I’ve trying different ways to entertain myself in my free time. Of course, one of those ways is keep making progress on the games I selected to be my Four in February this year; these are the results on week #3.

Dark Souls

No, no, no. I had to stop playing Dark Souls this week or I wouldn’t see any of the other games I planned to play this month. Let’s move on.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation

I started and finished Assassin’s Creed Liberation in four days (3-5 days, that’s what I told last week!), and I ended up agreeing with everything that has been said about this game before.

Liberation feels like only a fragment of what every other Assassin’s Creed game tends to be. It’s way shorter than any other game, and there’s a much reduced area to explore throughout the game. One thing I appreciated about its shortness is how fast the game is to take you into the action, there’s just a brief introduction of—the main character—Aveline when she was a child, and then it takes you many years later when she is already a trained and skilful assassin, while you’ll be picking up the rest of the story as you move on.

It’s not that I despise long introductions; it’s just that the Assassin’s Creed series tends to have very long introductions chockfull of mostly unnecessary tutorials; Liberation doesn’t do this, unless it is something that is completely new to the series, like Aveline’s ability to disguise herself into three different personas (assassin, slave, and lady), which would’ve been a more interesting feature if the game actually allowed you to use them to complete your missions at your will, and not only forcing you to play with one of them as they were already scripted.

In the end, I enjoyed a bit that this game is a little more action focused than a few others in the series, but there were a lot of features I just didn’t care enough to get involved with (what’s with all the pointless collectibles?), and I encountered enough bugs to freak the hell out of me (the game crashed twice on me, and that’s two more than I can accept!) In the end, while the game is… acceptable, it’s a shame that it just doesn’t compare to the rest of the Assassin’s Creed series, and feels like a cesspool of a wasted ideas and opportunities that could’ve made a great game.

Mark of a Ninja

I just started this game three nights ago, and while my progress has been decent, last week was an especially tiresome week, and I’ve been unable to stay up playing as long as usual.

But still, I’ve already passed that line that between the “what the hell am I supposed to…” and the “Oh, I get it now!” Mark of a Ninja has a lot of charm, and I’m already hooked to it and wondering what else is to come.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. Next week I’ll try to finish Mark of the Ninja and possibly I’ll be able to beat the original Metal Gear as well. I believe Dark Souls wasn’t a good candidate for this month Four in February challenge, but still, I hope I can get back to it and advance as much as possible next time.

See you back in a week!


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