‘HATING OBAMA’ Is Coming To DVD. Is This a True Assessment of President Obama?

‘HATING OBAMA’ is a balanced look at President Obama’s policies and performance as well as cultural impact. Delving into the scrutiny President Obama faces to determine if it is justified, the documentary serves as a primer on his policies and impact as he wraps up his final term in office, showcasing Americans from different walks of life giving their uncensored opinions.

So the very thing he said he was going to do, unlike most politicians, President Barack Obama did it.From 'Hate Obama'
Obama is a racist, he uses racism for his on personal gain as well.From 'Hate Obama'

About The Film

President Obama has been the recipient of some of the most groundbreaking and hate-filled moments in American Presidential history. While it is clear and apparent that all Presidents have received some form of opposition and low approval ratings throughout their terms in office, President Obama has experienced many more instances that could be attributed to racism as America’s first “black” President. The purpose of this documentary is to shine a light on the most egregious and hateful moments that we have seen President Obama and his family subjected to, while taking a look at his record of accomplishments and responses to some of the hatred. Ultimately the film leads us to open and continue a dialogue by asking the question: Is President Obama hated for his policies or because he’s black?

My Thoughts

As a supporter of President Obama, I do feel he has experienced a substantial amount of racism because of his status as the first black (really biracial) president. But that goes both ways, President Bush experienced it too, with some blacks not voting for him simply because they viewed him as being whiter than Al Gore. They didn’t care about his policies. They just assume because Al Gore was part of President Clinton’s administration (President Clinton was nicknamed the “first black President” in the black community), he would be a superior president.

President Obama has made some policy decision that has left me at times confused and wondering about his motives. However, given the level of opposition he’s faced by congress, I somewhat empathize with some of his challenges to make good on some of his promises.

Americans need to understand that no president is going to be perfect. If we get educated on the politicians we elect, while putting aside our Blue and Red political views, and simply focus on America as a whole, we’ll start to move closer to building a country more united.

Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin is the Founder and Publisher of CultureMass. He’s a recognized thought leader in digital strategy, brand development, new media and mobile marketing. Over the past 10 years, Yoma has built a successful media strategy business with offices in Florida and South Carolina. Yoma is a mass communication graduate from Benedict College, an active investor and advocate of kids in foster care. He created CultureMass Media, Inc. to focus on building global digital media properties such as CultureMass.

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