Here’s My Journey Playing Bayonetta 2, as told through River City Pixels

I finally got the chance to play Bayonetta 2 for the WiiU, and I’m taking my time going through the whole experience.

RCP - Bayonetta2
The events on this River City Pixels webcomic are based on a real story. Bayonetta is a game series you might find people loving or hating with more or less the same enthusiasm, and you’ll find both men and women on either camp. That’s OK though, not everyone has to like the same things as that’s the whole point of having so many titles and genres to choose from.
Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

Daniel is an engineer, teacher, and freelance writer and translator. He considers himself blessed to be born during the the times video games were created, and has followed their development as an entertainment and artistic media ever since. He loves talking about video games as much as he enjoys playing them, and he's always ready to introduce gaming culture to a newer audience.

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