Saving The World on Hard Mode With The XCOM Project 2

Round One Goes to the Game

What do my new landlord and my telephone provider have in common? Well, if it weren’t for them and if humanity’s fate were in my hands, you’d be all subjects of Alien experimentation right now.

Hi there once again. In a previous entry I introduced you to my newest gaming project: Saving the World in Hard Mode: The XCOM Project.

As a reminder, I’m determined to beat this game in Classic Difficulty, with Ironman Mode Option ON, that means I won’t be able to create save states during my game, so I won’t be able to go back after I make any decision or mistake during my playthrough.

thumb-game-xcomewSo, on March 1st I started playing XCOM: Enemy Within just one mission per day, as I tried my best to document everything that was going on during my gameplay. While I managed to play just one mission per day, I kept finding issues to update my progress via twitter due to my Internet issues which were a pain to solve because of: a) my recent moving, and the lack of support from my new landlord; and b) how little my telephone provider could do to help me through that situation.

I used all of my resources to keep updating my progress, but it was harder and more annoying than whatever I could possibly imagine: I had to take pictures of my screen using my camera, then upload them to my computer to resize them to more manageable files, then take them to my (then crappy) cell phone which was the only device around the house that could connect to the Internet, and for whatever reason it just didn’t feel like uploading them directly to Twitter, so I had to upload them to my Google Plus account, and link my tweets to them…

Do you have any idea how desperate I was if I had to resort to Google Plus to get anything done?

Anyway, a week later I finally managed to grip some control over my stuff and geared my console so I could finally record some gameplay I could later upload to Youtube. The mission turned out to be Friends in Low Places—that Council mission where you have to escort Shaojie Zhang to evacuation in exchange for some kind of alien device he possesses.

And now that I managed to have a steady Internet connection, and I finally fixed (most of) the sound issues I had with that video file, here it is… for all of you to see: My biggest failure in gaming. Enjoy!

The mission itself starts at the 7:25 mark, the “fun” part starts at 25:45.

I still continued my campaign with what was left of my team after this mission, but the next mission turned out to be the first Terror Mission which decimated whatever good soldiers I still had.

And the next mission pit my soldiers against (among other things) three Mutons, and they were in no shape to take them out. Then is when I knew this campaign just wasn’t good enough anymore and it wouldn’t be as fun as I’d prefer it to be.

So, what does this mean? Am I going to quit after this setback?

Of course not! I actually learnt a great deal out of the mistakes I made. So join me next time as I start a brand new campaign, now with proper updates, pictures and videos about how I’m doing.

I will start this new playthrough, unless I have already started by the time you’re reading this. You can look for #TheXCOMProject hashtag on Twitter to see how I’m doing, and feel free to send me any suggestions you feel would help me stopping the alien invasion.

And expect a few briefings, comments, and me geeking all over this game series, right here in CultureMass.

Image Credits: Firaxis Games
Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

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