Pivot TV Gives Couch Potatoes A Chance To Change The World

If you’ve seen shows like “Hit Record On TV” (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt), “Human Resources,” or “Please Like Me,” you’ve encountered Pivot TV, a new network available on a growing list of various platforms. If you don’t know Pivot TV, you might want to check them out. They’ve got a pretty great thing going.

humanresourcesPivot TV isn’t just another network — it’s a network with a purpose. Their goal is to entertain and educate, and then give their viewers a chance to join them in changing the world. Whether it’s learning how to recycle, supporting conservation of wildlife or elementary education, or having a conversation about the ways we can aid veterans, farmers, and indigenous people groups, Pivot TV provides several ways we can help those around us.

Part of ad time between segments is used to raise awareness of issues, and at the end of a show, you can show your support by making a pledge, signing a petition, writing a letter, or making a donation. You can also go to their website and see how others are helping, as well as find the causes that you want to support, all via Pivot TV’s sister company, TakePart.com.

I knew about Hit Record from following Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Tumblr, but I didn’t get the chance to see Pivot TV until recently, when I began watching the docu-comedy “Human Resources” which focuses on recycling and the DIY/Upcycle culture. It’s a “reality show” that feels very much like “The Office” or “Parks and Rec”, but it has a charm all its own.

Because of “Human Resources,” Pivot TV has partnered with “Recycle Across America” to create the “Recycle Right” program to educate on substantial recycling efforts as well as to encourage sustainable packaging.

please-like-mePivot TV’s show “Please Like Me” highlights the difficulties the mentally ill face in hopes of passing comprehensive mental health legislation as well as to de-stigmatize mental illness, which has resulted in Pivot TV’s partnership with the National Alliance of Mental Illness to promote the “Say Something” campaign.

This is a fantastic idea, and I hope Pivot TV gets recognized for its dedication to change. With an open Ad Policy that states the sorts of ads it will not allow (including ads deemed exploitative)  as well as the fact that they often give ad time to PSAs, a commitment to quality programming, and an action-oriented plan to aid earth and human life saving efforts, Pivot TV is something I am happy to support.

This is so different from the TV our parents grew up with, and even what we were accustomed to — instead of letting the waves of consumerism wash over us in the form of ads selling everything from toys to razors to food in questionable ways, we can now learn about ways to save our world — and then we can help save it.

Pivot TV is changing the way we watch TV. Instead of passive viewership, there’s a chance for involvement. Active participation is encouraged, as is showcased in their tagline:

Pivot TV: It’s Your Turn

Image Credits: Pivot TV
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