The Highly Anticipated Game, ‘Killing Floor 2’, Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

Disclaimer: This post contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised

To say the release of Killing Floor 2 last month on Steam’s Early Access was anticipated would be an understatement. The community of gamers behind Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor game has grown and gained devotion over the original’s ten year lifespan. Tripwire has graced players with almost two-dozen DLC extras and supported the game in a way that most developers should strive to match. Before getting into what the game is, I want to help make your decision easy.

For anyone who enjoys the original Killing Floor, take a few minutes to go buy it, then come back while it’s installing to see what you can expect. And for anyone who has not yet played, read on to see why you should.

I think shooting him makes him angry.

I think shooting him makes him angry

Killing Floor 2 is a survival horror FPS with heavy emphasis on the first, second, and third parts. In the game players will be thrust into a world full of things trying to kill you. Fortunately the game is built around cooperative play, so you won’t be facing hoards of undead by your lonesome. Unless you choose to play solo, which is totally an option (albeit not a very wise one).  Games are broken up into a set of rounds where waves of varying enemies will attack you and your teammates. These baddies are known as “Zeds” which range from a basic walking zombie type to a guy with chainsaws for hands and everything in-between. There are currently almost a dozen different types of Zeds which is more than enough for variety and challenging sessions, however that may increase to even more as the game nears release.

Character selection is class independent. You can change classes between rounds and retain your character model.

Character selection is class independent. You can change classes between rounds and retain your character model

In addition to your compatriots, there are plenty of tools at your disposal to help prolong your life. Currently there are four character classes to play, each with experience levels and a nice selection of perks that unlock as you specialize in each one. These classes take the shape of standard Medic, Commando, and Support roles with the addition of a melee-centered Berserker. Each perk has their own special tricks such as the Berserker’s speed, and the Medic’s healing grenades which damage Zeds and refill health to teammates simultaneously. The most successful teams will balance all of these classes together to survive as a group. If none of these four classes speaks to you, there are an as yet unannounced trio of classes planned for the release version of the game.

Two barrels are always better than one.

Two barrels are always better than one

In addition to the classes there are over two dozen different weapons all of which can be used by any class, however some weapons will give more experience to specific classes. Weapons range from standard pistols, rifles, and shotguns to more specialized contraptions like the Pulverizer which is a sledgehammer with an explosive head. Finding the right weapon to match your playstyle is equal parts fun and rewarding. One bit of praise Tripwire Interactive deserves in regard to their weapon balancing, is even in the later stages and harder difficulties weapons still feel powerful. They have opted against making the game harder by allowing Zeds to soak up more bullets which is the best possible decision that could have been made. The only time you will feel like your weapon is useless is when you run out of ammo, which is the way it should be.

Two barrels are always better than one.

Two barrels are always better than one


Gore Off vs Gore On

Gore Off.

Gore Off

Gore on

Gore On

The level of polish and stability in the Early Access build of Killing Floor 2 should be what other developers strive to achieve. Tripwire Interactive has spoken of many upcoming features and additions planned for Killing Floor 2 beyond its current 4 class, 27 weapon, and 3 map collection. Anything that is added from here on will be icing on the cake of a truly special game.

Hopefully by now the game has finished installing, so get out there and hunt some Zeds!

Image Credits: Tripwire Interactive
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