Five Stories We’ve Seen Before But Can’t Wait To Watch On TV This Fall

We’re in a marvelous age of television. TV has experimented with science fiction and fantasy, historical dramas, and animated family sitcoms, expanding to the general public, no longer requiring a niche channel. I don’t think we’ve seen this level of experimentation in TV before, and it’s exciting to think about what could happen next.

While many of the original shows airing this fall will have a more supernatural or science fiction bent (Angel from Hell, Lucifer, Supergirl, etc.), there are quite a few shows that are getting a second chance, and even some movies that are turning into serialized stories. Our nostalgia’s taking over several major spots on the schedule this fall, and it’s worth noting the source material as well as the changes that have been made to bring these stories to the small screen.

It seems too good to be true, but The Muppets are returning to television! With a new style (docu-comedy), new faces, and new gags, Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzy, and Piggy will have to navigate the world of television as it infiltrates their lives. This is more of a “grown-up” show than we’ve seen before, but it promises to be quirky, silly, off-the-rails entertainment. I hope Rolf plays the opening credits.

Remember that John Candy movie where he terrorized his nieces and nephews while attempting to babysit them? Well, John Candy’s Uncle Buck is turning a new leaf and transferring to TV, this time with an all African-American main cast. I’m hoping this show will do well outside of “Black Entertainment” circles since the source material was predominantly white. I think it’s ridiculous that there even has to be a separate genre for this type of show. Here’s hoping everybody finds something they enjoy in this re-telling.

Rush Hour’s source material is already diverse, with an Asian and an African-American in the lead roles, now played by John Foo and Justin Hires. It promises to be just as fun as the first film, and the chemistry between the two leads is already apparent. I’m thrilled that we get a goofy buddy-cop TV show instead of another iteration of Law & Order, CSI, or Criminal Minds. With John Foo’s crazy awesome fight skills and Justin Hires’ hilarious one-liners, looks like we’re in for a nostalgic-yet-refreshing take on detective shows.

If you’re more of a sci-fi geek than a comedy buff, then the last two shows on this list are for you. I’m particularly excited about the last one, as I think it deserved more of a chance than it got, cut short by the Writer’s Strike (which needed to happen but did result in losing many television gems) of the late 00’s.

Tom Cruise’s Minority Report is getting a makeover, and I’m once again surprised and delighted that we have people of color playing lead roles. Two of the lead roles are female, one Asian and one African-American. This superb decision already has me intrigued, and I can’t wait to see the futuristic universe unfold. I enjoyed the film immensely but I think translating it to the small screen will allow us more time to explore the world created in the original story.

Lastly, Heroes is getting a second chance with a mini-series called Heroes Reborn, and the trailer promises a show just as gritty, dark, and diverse as the first. With returning actor Jack Coleman, and guest appearances by Masi Oka, Noah Gray-Cabey, Greg Grunberg, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and Sendhil Ramamurthy, this prequel looks action-packed and thriller-esque, especially because of Zachary Levi’s involvement as a new, main character — his work on Chuck and Thor: The Dark World will be put to good use here.

This fall, TV’s providing us with new twists on old favorites, and honestly, I see myself parked in front of the TV a few nights a week to watch how these stories unfold in new and interesting ways.

What shows are you looking forward to seeing this fall?

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K.M. Cone

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