Scariest Enemies in Gaming: Chainsaw Zombie

Halloween is a special time of year when many people celebrate all that is terrifying and horrible. As with other entertainment mediums gaming has its fair share of horror games and frightening characters. Some games are specifically intended to frighten the player as a core experience, where others have unnerving elements purely by happenstance. Some of these occurrences take the form of jump scares in a specific scene or even an entire level in an otherwise tame story.

This week in the run up to Halloween 2015, we’re taking a look at six of our favorite enemies in video games that make us turn and run in fear.

doom3_Chainsaw Zombie (Doom 3)

The Chainsaw Zombie is far from the most deadly enemy in Doom 3. It isn’t particularly resilient, and doesn’t boast a super-powered plasma-cutter weapon (it is just a normal chainsaw). However the nature of when and how these baddies appear is unsettling and they always show up in the worst possible moments.

Chainsaw Zombies as the name implies are regular, stumbling, undead Martian workers, only instead of scratching and biting at your limbs they attempt to sever them with power tools. The chainsaws themselves deliver crippling amounts of damage on their own; however what makes these particular zombies worse than others, is you know when one is approaching. The chainsaw can be heard when one is approaching, but the catacomb structure of the Doom 3 Mars base make it near impossible to pinpoint exactly where (or when) the strike will come.

When the zombie finally does appear, most of the time it is from the shadows and considerably quicker than you would think a chainsaw toting zombie would be able to move (probably due to low Martian gravity or something). If you are able to get a shot off in time they are dispatched quickly and easily, however if you don’t their long reach offers little escape in the tight corridors.

The most terrifying aspect of the Chainsaw Zombies lies in how they were able to acquire chainsaws in a scientific research base on Mars.

Artimus Charest-Fulks

Artimus Charest-Fulks

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