River City Pixels: Alien Isolation

Writing about some of the scariest enemies in gaming reminded me that I needed to get this comic out of my system. I can’t recommend Alien Isolation enough, if you have any sign of taste for sci-fi, survival-horror games, or just a fan of the Alien series, you really really can’t miss this one.


Alien Isolation was developed with a lot of respect and love for the source material. Not only did they capture the real sense of claustrophobic sci-fi horror and despair of the original movie, but they also went a lot further by having all that dated futuristic feel from the 80’s.

Of course the biggest star of the show is the Xenomorph itself; it’s relentless, lethal and a real force of nature that you can’t kill nor mess around, and the anecdote in this comic is a fair representation of my own experience through this game.

So it took the industry a few decades to finally get the Alien franchise right, now let’s just hope Hollywood is catching up and give us a proper Terminator and Predator game in the near future.


Image Credits: Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

Daniel is an engineer, teacher, and freelance writer and translator. He considers himself blessed to be born during the the times video games were created, and has followed their development as an entertainment and artistic media ever since. He loves talking about video games as much as he enjoys playing them, and he's always ready to introduce gaming culture to a newer audience.

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