Sharing Everything Online Is Making You Uninteresting

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I am a little old school. I do not have a Facebook page and just recently joined Twitter. I love the innovation and the core of what social media has done to mass communication overall. I just don’t like having a lot of systems dominating my life and time. I am consistently looking to create moments that take me back in time when connecting with friends were epic and didn’t rely on technology to be enjoyable.

I am referring to a time when we could appreciate a great time out with friends without agonizing over status updates; a time when it was more about the excitement of connecting and the great conversation that would set the tone for the pulse of the meetup. Back then, we just called it catching up — a status update in meatspace. This catching up time enabled us to laugh and enjoy the collective drama of the interesting life events that took place since the last time we hung out. These unique moments told in first-player mode and detailed theatrics delivered during collective storytelling reenactments were legendary. This pure level of entertainment was awesome, and not to brag, but no one could mess with my clique. They were just that interesting.

What Have We Become

Today, we have become slaves to our phones. We cannot survive most of the day without it. Some of us even spend more time on our phones than we do with our partner. That is sad. So were you wondering why you’re not connecting with bae? Well, that connection has now been given to your phone. Don’t get it twisted, I cannot even imagine not having my phone or access to social networks on the go. However, I will not allow the matrix of status updates to turn me into a boring stiff. This is not the case for a lot of people I encounter. Their constant need to stay connected to everyone’s real-time lifestream, while posting their own, is leaving them with not much to discuss when we connect.

How About We Try This

That new promotion you just received, don’t post it online, build up the anticipation, then drop it on your friends while they have wing sauce on their fingertips and lips. Can you picture the magic of their reaction? I can tell you this: a face-to-face celebration will make you feel better than a detached favorite, like or retweet. When you spend so much time consuming so much of everyone’s status updates, it makes you dependent on these updates to function while leaving you detached from reality. 

Learn to enjoy the moments out with friends. All those updates can wait.

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Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin is the Founder and Publisher of CultureMass. He’s a recognized thought leader in digital strategy, brand development, new media and mobile marketing. Over the past 10 years, Yoma has built a successful media strategy business with offices in Florida and South Carolina. Yoma is a mass communication graduate from Benedict College, an active investor and advocate of kids in foster care. He created CultureMass Media, Inc. to focus on building global digital media properties such as CultureMass.

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