Voters For Trump: SNL Highlights Concerns With Trump Supporters

It’s no surprise that SNL’s viewership numbers rise dramatically during election cycles. Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton, Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton, Will Ferrell’s George Bush, and Fred Armisen/Jay Pharaoh’s President Obama are still making us laugh years later. This year, SNL has derived a “yuuuuuuuuge” amount of inspiration from the circus that has become the 2016 election cycle.

While SNL has always skewed slightly democratic, this election cycle has caused a sharper swerve as the Republicans descend into the chaos of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and the GOP ringleader, Donald Trump. It was amusing at first, to watch these clowns take the stage and humor us with their antics, but it has become clear that they’re less entertainment and more like killer-clowns, bent on following their own agendas until the country implodes.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I don’t think you’ve been watching closely enough. Watch this SNL short “Voters for Trump.”

In the video, we see “Normal Americans” – white, middle class people who espouse Trump’s ideals, as they iron KKK robes, burn books, and salute proudly with a swastika armband. Unfortunately, this isn’t hyperbole –  it does ring true. Donald Trump has become an icon for extremists, and those who have quietly agreed with them for decades, leading those who have seen this story in the history books to speculate on just how quickly American will become embroiled in another revolution or world war.

Trump is promising bread and circuses for those he deems worthy, which does not include Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, or a host of other groups who don’t conform to Trump’s ideals. He is a man with a long history of xenophobia, homophobia (though now he says that LGBT rights are a “dead issue” after the Marriage Equality victory), and misogyny. And though his ex-wife later retracted her statement alleging that he raped her, things are still a bit murky where his daughter is concerned.

If that’s not enough to deter you from voting for this asshole, how about looking at his supporters? The guy who punched a black protester at a Trump rally, the young, angry white males who want to wage an inside war on immigrants (Does that mean we’re going to give the land back to the Native American peoples we stole it from?), and people who believe his promises of more jobs, money, and stability (He won Politifact’s 2015 Lie of the Year)

I’m frankly terrified of allowing this man anywhere near public office. While his followers spout their belief that he’s a good businessman (he isn’t), they ignore the warning signs and are being swept up by a charismatic leader who does not have his country nor its people’s best interests at heart.

Sound familiar?

While the ridiculousness of the situation is being acknowledged (his campaign success even being explained a la The Producers on Jimmy Kimmel), there is a growing dread amidst those of us who don’t want to address him as POTUS. With his not-so-veiled threats against freedom of the press, foreign ambassadors expressing concern about his insults and comments regarding immigrants and foreign policy, and his businesses outsourcing to Bangladesh and China (despite he promises to bring jobs back to America), it is highly unlikely that he will “Make America Great Again.”

If you are of voting age, please vote in November. We need everyone’s voices. Read up on the presidential candidates and vote for the one you think will do the best they can to serve us and our country well — all of us — no matter our race, religion, or orientation. Support candidates as you are able, through volunteer time, monetary gifts, or spreading the word and encouraging people to vote.

We need to stick together. We cannot let tyrants like Donald Trump take control. We cannot let him take away our freedoms, as he has threatened to do. We cannot let him separate our families as he has insisted he will do. And we cannot allow him to send more soldiers to war with countries who no longer trust us, as he plans to.

Trump will not be a president. He will either walk away when things don’t go his way (his usual routine), he will be an ineffective and indecisive leader (flip-flopping on decisions like he has done for years), or he will become a dictator. None of those are options I like.

Do your research. Educate yourself. And vote. Your country needs you now.

Image Credits: SNL
K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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