HorrorPack Delivers Scares To Your Front Door

I don’t usually watch horror. I’m a big scaredy-cat. But I love the idea of a subscription service (and I watch way too many subscription videos on YouTube). So when I was contacted by HorrorPack to review their product, I couldn’t resist taking a peek.

The advent of monthly subscription services has provided us with the ability to hone in on our unique interests with ease – whether we’re subscribing to a cheese-of-the-month, a monthly makeup bag, or a DVD-subscription that provides us with new favorites in our preferred genre.

While most of us are content with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus, with an occasional foray into Red Box, there are some up-and-coming subscription services that would be well worth your time.

HorrorPack delivers four DVDs or Blu-rays a month to your door: A mixture of classic, indie, and new horror films that promise a terrifying good time. I got my box last week and was excited to see the array of choices. I’ve even watched a few of them (during the daytime, of course). And I’m interested in seeing more from this Georgia start-up.

While there are subscription services that provide streaming or horror-centric merchandise, HorrorPack focuses on one simple goal: Delivering a quality pack of horror films to enjoy on your own or with your friends. This ensures top quality and high value for the cost. After sampling HorrorPack, I think the three best things about it are the film catalogue, the subscription options, and the pricing.

I received my box and discovered I’d been sent Hostel I & II (produced by Quentin Tarantino), Rise of the Zombies (with Danny Trejo), Woman in Black (with Daniel Radcliffe) and Night of the Demons (a delightfully campy re-make of the 1980’s film of the same name). While Hostel I & II aren’t exactly my cup of tea, Rise of the Zombies promises to be fun, and Night of the Demons was highly enjoyable, with a delightfully surprising ending. I’ve been meaning to watch Woman in Black for some time now, as a Potterhead with an appreciation for Daniel Radcliffe’s incredible performance in films like Victor Frankenstein.

I loved the wide range of choices in this pack, from the less known Night of the Demons to the popular Woman in Black, and each of the Blu-rays were loaded with additional features, such as commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews. Part of the fun of watching these is going back and listening to the cast and crew talk about their experience and the thought process behind the story and characters.

I could see receiving a pack and trading films with friends, or hosting a movie night to watch one with a group. HorrorPack has a partial list of films they’ve acquired, which looks to be excellent for both those who have been horror aficionados, or newbies, like me. HorrorPack also makes it a priority to include independent or little-known horror films, which ups the surprise factor.

I’m also a fan of the subscription options – you don’t have to worry about a year-round subscription. You can instead choose a one, three, or six-month plan, and the longer you subscribe, the cheaper the monthly price. It’s a great value, especially since they sometimes include films like Hostel I & Hostel II which came on one Blu-ray together (That’s five movies instead of the usual four). I think it would be a great birthday or holiday present for the horror aficionado in your life, or you could even have a group get together to watch each month’s offerings.

Of all the subscription services I’ve read about and seen, HorrorPack is one of the most professional, high quality, good value deals I’ve personally experienced. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the films, and might even decide to subscribe – we’ll see how many nightmares I have after watching Rise of the Zombies.

Follow HorrorPack on social media and you’ll receive a code to apply to your first subscription. If you’re curious about HorrorPack, or know someone who would love a monthly subscription, you’re in luck! We’re giving away a one-month HorrorPack subscription. If you’d like to participate, all you need to do is share this article on Facebook or Twitter.

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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