Dragon Con Interview: Moxie Magnus, Chief Cosmetologist To The USS Enterprise

“Moxie, you can’t be afraid to f–k things up. You’ve got to make a lot of mistakes to achieve greatness and my dear, you are well on your way.” – advice from Moxie’s mother

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Moxie Magnus, Chief Cosmetologist to the U.S.S. Enterprise at Dragon Con to discuss, among other things, Star Trek, hair teasing, and YouTube, all of which she excels at with humor and ease. If you’ve yet to see her YouTube channel, read her blog, or the comic Tales from Salon Bay which features her, prepare yourself for a treat.

Armed with the latest futuristic hair supplies and a “double PhD in xenocosmetology and astrobiology” (awarded after the presentation of her thesis, “Zero-G Styling Technology: Captain, We Have Lift-Off”), Moxie Magnus breezes through the original Star Trek episodes imparting salon wisdom and cheeky commentary regarding the crew’s ‘do’s and other important plot points.

Her own updo, a magnificent blonde tower of nearly three feet, is an object of affection. “I just kept teasing it, I mean it has reached bullying at this point,” laughed Moxie, who proudly displays it atop an original Star Trek uniform (in blue, of course).

So how did Moxie begin her journey aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise? A school friend’s older sibling, a Trekker who introduced the pair to the Original Star Trek. Once costumes became involved, the infatuation really began and the character of Moxie Magnus was born. The rest is history (or is it the future?).

Her mission, to complement each Star Trek: TOS episode with her own “Moxie Pod” video, prompted her to set up a YouTube channel and blog in order to share her insight and experience with us down here on Earth. When asked advice for those who might wish to beam up our own videos, she was gracious enough to impart some bold words: Dive right in. “Don’t be afraid to ruin things,” said Moxie. If you’re afraid to ruin things, she said, you’ll never be afraid to push the envelope. Fear can paralyze, but freedom from fear means you’ll always be moving forward.

You’ve also got to be willing to laugh at yourself, says Moxie. Do what makes you laugh, find humor in daily situations, and do things out of whimsy and fun. Don’t think too hard! She also pointed out that it’s easier to do things now with how cheap technology is getting and how simple it is to rig something up – for example, she just built her own green screen! Putting something you love up on the internet might be scary, but it will keep you humble and allow you an outlet for what you love – and you may find others joining you.

Moxie has put her own words into practice, which is one of the main reasons she’s a delight to watch. She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, she’s funny, and she loves Star Trek. I think Gene Roddenberry would have loved her.

Her love of Star Trek has had the welcome effect of meeting other Star Trek fans who are also on a journey through the original series, including the band Five Year Mission, whose goal is to produce an original song for each episode of the original series. They’ve nicknamed Moxie, “The Queen of Outer Space” and often attend conventions together.

This is what fandoms were created for – to bring people who love something together. It’s always more fun to share your obsession with someone, in hopes that they too will jump in and join you. It might even be the most fun part of Dragon Con, recognizing people in get-up from your favorite shows and waving a hello from across the crowd. Moxie, of course, being over eight feet tall from hair to heels, is easy to spot.

If you’d like to see Moxie, she does work conventions (while Dragon Con is a more “fun” convention for her typically, she did have a schedule that included judging a Project Runway type contest for the cosplayers), including Star Base Indie (Indiana), NY Comic-Con, Chicago Comic-Con and Cleveland ConConction, and of course you can view her “Moxie Pod” videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/MoxieMagnus, read her blog at http://moxiemagnus.blogspot.com/,  or the comic Tales From The Salon Bay at http://www.talesfromsalonbay.com/, and listen to her friends’ band Five Year Mission here: http://fiveyearmission.net/

K.M. Cone

K.M. Cone

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