The Amazing Race to the Gate -Ireland

Walking out of customs I looked up at the departure screen and it read 10 minutes to Gate Closing. The frantic feeling I felt at that moment I would never wish on anyone! I immediately started sprinting across the London airport with laser beam focus on the signs that would lead me to my gate. There was no way I was going to miss this flight.

Domestic and International flights alike can either be extremely stressful or really carefree. It’s all about your mindset. Unfortunately, no amount of positive thinking would’ve made my connecting flight from London to Dublin any less stressful than what it actually was.

You will learn through my journeys that I’m a huge advocate for minimalist packing and traveling with carry-on luggage only. This basically means that all of your clothes are in one bag that you tote with you from one gate to the next. This also means that you’re traveling light and that there are no chances of your clothes being lost or left behind on a vacation to another city or country.


As you can imagine, however, even with just my backpack and great attitude there are some things that can happen that are out of your control. And as I zig zagged through the different people that were just strolling onto their gates I could feel the stares of shock and confusion. It felt like a never-ending maze as the signs kept saying turn left, make a right, and left again. Time was not on my side and all I kept repeating to myself was “gate 82, gate 82.”

When I checked my phone there were two minutes after the original gate closing and I was panicking. I finally saw Gate 82 on the wall and a speck of hope appeared and I began sprinting. Thankfully there were 4 people left to walk through the gate before me. So, guys, I made it!

My Ireland adventure was finally beginning and it all started with a little bit of the luck of the Irish.

Genesis Garcia
Genesis Garcia is the host of Miami Girl Adventures a weekly look inside her journey to capture unique elements of cultures around the world to use this knowledge to inspire and change lives.
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