Dublin: An Inside Look

Last week I mentioned how determined I was to make it to the gate, which you can read here. I had finally arrived in one of the most astounding countries, in my opinion, that I’ve ever been to.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I finally landed and met up with our tour director. All I knew was that I was going to see the most wonderful redhead I call my best friend, at the end of the terminal. Ashley and I had been waiting for this trip to happen for what felt like a lifetime. Because we don’t live anywhere near each other, this was going to be an epic reunion. I’m telling you. The whole shebang happened. Running up to each other and hugging and screaming (from my end), pure excitement! There was definitely some looks and faces filled with confusion from our fellow travel mates but it was ok, I was finally with Ashley in IRELAND!

Here’s the thing, my fellow adventurers. You should never apologize for being you and bringing your most amazing self to the table. It will honestly set you free from so much internal stress. In doing this over the top, unconventional greeting to another human being, I immediately was able to connect to a few great people. It was clear to say, we were well on our way to having an experience of a lifetime.

The first few days in any new country I always find myself in disbelief that I’m actually even in it. It forces me to explore not only my surroundings but opens my mind and senses to all the elements and people around me. Dublin gave me this feeling of peace.  I felt safe walking through the city’s streets and comfortable in my overall interaction with the locals. After hours of traveling, the real peace I was desperately seeking, was stopping the war brewing in my tummy. I was starving. We quickly checked into our hotel and with a razor precision, focused on finding some food. As I strolled with my bestie, we walked through this beautiful park called St. Stephen’s Green Park which hosts a variety of activities where people can chill, exercise and bring their families to enjoy the absolutely beautiful scenery. Walking a little further, we found ourselves in Grafton Street – a famous street known for its world-class shopping experience. We took a break from window shopping and stopped at this really cool bar called The Old Stand.

Inside, we had our first Guinness in Ireland! This beer was unbelievably refreshing, crisp, and had no comparison to the United States’ version of the dark lager. After getting our taste buds wowed and our required Instagram selfies, our journey through Dublin continued with a tour of the city. Walking and food tours are one my absolute favorite things to do while traveling. You get the best of both worlds! It provides insight into the new city and country with a taste of the everyday foods of the amazing people who call these places home. The Temple Bar and the Liffey River were just a few of the unforgettable experiences here.

When in Dublin, you definitely need to check out the bridge while the sun is setting, and enjoy amazing beef stew from an Italian place called Mexico to Rome. I know, I know.  Beef stew from an Italian place? Trust me you won’t regret it. You can thank me later. Dublin has a plethora of pubs and restaurants that will satisfy anything you’re craving. Another few amazing places we ate and drank from were the Bleeding Horse, Whelan’s (I was hoping to find my own version of Gerard Butler here), and Dall’Italia Pastabar – Only thing I’m going to say about this place is Pizza and Onion Rings! It’s an insane combination that tasted Oh So Good. The liquid gold simply melting in us. Okay, stay focused Genesis. Back to what I was saying.

Ultimately, the two most touristy things that we did in Dublin was going on a self-guided tour of the Guinness factory and walking through the Glendalough National Park. In the factory, you get to learn not only about how this liquid magic is made but you also get to learn how to pour your own pint of Guinness. There’s a technique behind pouring in order to get the perfect combination of air in the beer that provides the delicious taste every time.

Visit Glendalough National Park, was my favorite thing on this leg of the trip. The park is home to a cemetery, a tall tower, and amazing diversity and detail throughout its landscapes. I had to question constantly. How is this my life? Seriously. I was that beautiful.

To take in every bit of this scenic experience, I decided to go on the walking path at my own pace. This gave me the opportunity to take in the beauty around while reflecting on my own personal journey. Being alone used to be so hard for me. I never imagined being alone with my own thoughts until I started doing things that I enjoyed. In the past, I would be so worried about what other people thought of me and always had this internal narrative that being alone would make people feel sad for me. It took me a really long time to actually know myself, be happy with myself and to unconditionally love myself. No one likes to be pitied. This is a lie that we repeat to ourselves subconsciously that allow others to define our happiness. I want to encourage you to look deep down and find one thing that you truly enjoy. It could be painting, writing, skiing, etc. But you must find it. For me, it was traveling. When you do find something you love that isn’t determined by the people around you, your friends or family, start doing it. Begin dating yourself with that activity. I promise you. A weird joyous feeling will start unraveling from within you which will unleash an indescribable amount of freedom. That freedom is addictive in the best way. Through this energetic happiness, you’ll attract even more wonderful experiences in your life. This feeling in Dublin would set the stage for the rest of my Irish adventure.

I hope you are able to find that infectious joy and begin setting the stage for your own adventures!

Genesis Garcia
Genesis Garcia is the host of Miami Girl Adventures a weekly look inside her journey to capture unique elements of cultures around the world to use this knowledge to inspire and change lives.
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