What 420 Means To This Advocate For Marijuana Legalization

Today is 420! The unofficial holiday for marijuana users and people like myself that are advocates for its legalization. You can learn about the origin of 420 by reading more here. Today is also considered the Peter Tosh Day, the reggae legend and founding member of the Wailers, which gave fellow reggae legend Bob Marley his start.

Personally, April 20 has a special meaning to why I am an advocate for Marijuana legalization. It’s about how using marijuana over the past 15 years helped save my life.

Here is just a small preview of how.

As a child, I was born into a stressful and abusive environment. My birth mother was addicted to crack and my father pulled a ghost protocol. When I was 2 years old, my mom high on a potent dose of crack decided that I shouldn’t be alive. After attempted to cut my arm off, she finished my torture by burning me with cigarettes to stop me from crying. Thankfully, I was taking out of her care and placed within the system into foster care. Happy ending right? Nope. After several months in a temporary home, I was reunited with my older sister Harriet and Lorraine in their foster home. This foster home would become my permanent home. It would also become one of the darkest periods of my life. Our adopted mom starved us, abused us and turn us into her personal slaves. At 12 years old, I ran away and never looked back. Let’s pause there. You get the idea. I’ll tell the full story one day.

How I tried to move on and be normal.

All that made it hard to adjust from this past abuse as a child and getting people to understand me as a teen. This frustration would often lead to isolation or violence. As a student in school, I always understood what was being taught but the subject wasn’t interesting enough to keep my attention. On IQ assessments, I would always test higher than normal. This lead to my behavioral issues being connected to my past trauma. Some of it was true. It was also that my brain didn’t find these interactions stimulating enough to stay engaged.

My Turning Point.

It wasn’t until I was an adult and test confirmed I had mild symptoms of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). More specifically, my spectrum is called (AD) Asperger Disorder. Thing started to make some sense. The medicine started but I still struggled. No big pharma medicine alone could help my brain and steady my life like marijuana. That is why I am an advocate for medical and recreational cannabis.

Most of us drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes recreationally to help relieve stress. However, a lot of people use and abuse alcohol because they want to feel numb from an internal struggle. Some people also smoke cigarettes to relieve stress. We all know of the addictive nature and the result of that addiction. No need to go into the yearly death total of the two here. See below for some stats.

Marijuana is the least toxic drugs. Source: American Scientist

I do have a personal experience with watching my foster mom deteriorate and die from her two packs a day cigarette habit. It really comes down to using the fact to show the benefit and the potential harm if abused. It’s time to legalize it. This is my Thought Process.

Image Credits: Teri Virbickis
Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin

Yoma Edwin is the Founder and Publisher of CultureMass. He’s a recognized thought leader in digital strategy, brand development, new media and mobile marketing. Over the past 10 years, Yoma has built a successful media strategy business with offices in Florida and South Carolina. Yoma is a mass communication graduate from Benedict College, an active investor and advocate of kids in foster care. He created CultureMass Media, Inc. to focus on building global digital media properties such as CultureMass.

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